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The Concordia Small Business Consulting Bureau is an organized entity exclusive to the students of the MBA program at the John Molson School of Business. 

For four decades, it has been helping businesses thrive and prosper by offering high-quality consultancy services to entrepreneurs and SME’s. 

The Bureau operates according to best practices in business management consulting - and has access to worldwide libraries, research centers, and the most recent market data - which elevates the quality and value presented to businesses. 

This experience is desired by most candidates in the program for its professional value and experience with Canadian companies, which makes the recruitment process highly competitive and very selective. This brings together a team of diverse and highly skilled students who are best suited to offer top-notch consulting services to businesses.

Our dedicated team of consultants at CSBCB have the expertise needed in almost any industry to provide real time solutions and help your business grow. 

Business Consulting
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