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The CSBCB has worked with an array of industries and prides itself on its ability to adapt to changing environments. Here are a few industries and projects the Bureau has worked on: 

Ink Jet Printer




Car Factory


Red Hand Metallic


Looking for a Book


Fashion Model

Textile & Fashion

Farmer with Cow


Vitamins and pills


Old Building
Government Procurement



The CSBCB performed a feasibility study for a government grant application for a startup organization within the print media industry. The organization wanted to add a service to its offerings, but first required assurance that this service would be financially successful and was desired by its target audience. The CSBCB consultants devised a market, demographic, competitor, and financial analysis. After the feasibility of the project was assured, operations and marketing plans were developed. The clients were satisfied and received their grant for the project from the government. 

An organization within the Quebec agricultural industry came to the CSBCB with an interesting situation. Membership had been declining over the past few decades as demographics within the industry were changing.  The Mandate involved primary qualitative and quantitative research among the organization's stakeholders which consisted of the board of directors, members of the organization, and non-members as well. The purpose was to identify the root causes of the declining membership and elaborate a list of challenges and opportunities relevant to the organization to better form a growth strategy for the future. The CSBCB team was excited at this new challenge and looks forward to more like it. 




Business Plan 

On multiple occasions the CSBCB has helped First Nation small businesses organize, streamline, and strategize within their businesses in their respective industries by providing them with business plans. The consulting services and grant application assistance provided by the CSBCB allowed these small businesses to access government funds that are aimed to propel the applicants forward in their endeavors and have positive economic impacts on the local community. 

Returning clientele include representatives of international businesses who wish to learn more about the Canadian markets. For these we provide market research and in-depth analysis relevant to the business to explain the market potential. This was done for the wine industry, technical textiles, high tech manufacturing and much more. 


Market Research &
“I worked with CSBCB. I found the organization very resourceful. The consultants are very active and knowledgeable. They are ready to give extra efforts to make the clients happy. I look forward to work with them on more projects.”  
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